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The latest innovation from Keystone Electronics Corp. is its new miniature, screw terminal type binding post suited for 22-15AWG wire and used in high density PCB packaging.

[miniature screw terminal]

Rated 15Amps, this compact, low profile design facilitates a broad range of capabilities for a number of applications with space-saving, cost-effective versatility.

Made of tin plated brass and a zinc plated screw, these new screw terminal binding posts are supplied assembled or unassembled. P/n #8737 is supplied completely assembled with a screw and wire retention contact to aid in preventing wire damage. P/n #8730 is supplied with an unassembled post and screw.

Keystone Electronics designs and manufactures more than 5 000 interconnect components and hardware while providing stamping, machining and assembly services for required modifications and special design needs. An in-house application engineering group facilitates these capabilities.

  • 14-02-2011
  • Neotronic Especialistas en LED
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